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Land at the center of development activity in Bassett Creek Valley.

The Bassett Creek Valley district plan aspires to remediate and energize 60 acres of land that connects North Minneapolis to downtown and the rest of the city. It envisions a diverse, mixed-use community that provides job opportunities and affordable housing options within the Harrison Neighborhood while establishing a destination to enjoy the area’s overlooked natural assets. The plan’s success necessitates the remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater, the repair of aging utility infrastructure, and the establishment of Bassett Creek as a true community asset that can also be leveraged to mitigate the future impacts of climate change and severe storm events. At its core, the district plan envisions an environmentally safe and equitable place to live, work and play for a community that’s experienced generations of disinvestment. The social, environmental and economic challenges that collide on this land urge regional collaboration and significant public investment across state, county and local bodies.

Space Available
199 Irving Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Harrison Neighborhood
1.24 acres
Owner, Manager
District Plan

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199 Irving Avenue North Minneapolis MN 55405 | Get Directions


Patrick Kyle

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Property Manager

Patrick Kyle


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